What’s in a name?

We are thrilled to announce the names of our children!

Levi Cruz “joined to the cross”

Levi means “attached or joined to.” Levi will be ours forever, joined to our family by a covenant that can not be broken. We want him to be reminded of this certainty in his name. Cruz, his daddy’s middle name, means “cross” in Spanish. We pray that one day he will identify with the cross and embrace all that Christ has accomplished for sinners.

Sophia Belle “wisdom is beautiful”

Sophia means “wisdom,” which was on Becca’s heart a lot while studying Proverbs with some friends this past spring. Belle, “beautiful,” was chosen by Valerie, Dom’s sister, soon after she awakened from a coma. Valerie nearly lost her life to Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome, and the first question out of her mouth when she could talk again was, “What are the names of the babies?” We were overjoyed that the Lord spared her life, so we asked her to help us. She chose the most perfect middle name because we want our little girl, who will one day grow into a woman, to treasure the beauty of wisdom above all other beauty.

4 thoughts on “What’s in a name?”

  1. Tears in the eyes, close to a gusher…. We were thinking about the little people earlier this evening. Levi and Sophia, may a blessing go before you and follow all the days of your lives. May you become blessings waiting to happen in the lives of many. And may your new-born parents be God’s answer to prayer and treasured always in your hearts.


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