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We are now the proud parents of Levi Cruz (Yared) and Sophia Belle (Degenesh)!

First Family Photo
I warmed up to Daddy by playing with his boots!
My Mommy is reflected in my beautiful eyes!
Levi LOVES the book we made him.
The first time I’ve ever seen Dominic look like this. L-O-V-E!
The day I became a mommy…
The day Dom became a daddy…
First Story
Playtime on Daddy
Saying Goodbye…for now.


4 thoughts on “2+2=4”

  1. Remember when I gave y’all the statue of the children on a bench? Dominic, you put it on your lap and we took a picture. Of course, we were laughing!! Well, the picture of Levi and Sophia on your lap reminds me of that picture. For real, now, Dude…. Love ya…


  2. Congratulations!!!!! What an exciting and amazing time just reflecting on our experiences and I cant imagine having to leave them after meeting. God Bless you both! (Josh McDowell from plane ride over)


    1. Thanks, Josh! You were a great help to us. The Lord was kind. I hope all went well with your exploratory trip! I now see why you desperately want to delve into ministry among orphans in Ethiopia. Seeing the need in Addis alone was heart-wrenching.


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