Our Family Tapestry

We are delighted to announce our family is growing…through adoption! We’ve just completed all paperwork necessary to bring home our baby boy and baby girl from Ethiopia. We will post pictures when we get our referrals, which could be several months from now. We are hoping to have them in our arms by Christmas. In the meantime, home preparations and financial support raising are our priorities!

One day it dawned on my sister and me: Our family is a tapestry of nearly every continent! My brother married a beautiful Argentine woman, my sister married a dear hearted Japanese-American, and I married that good lookin’ latino from Texas. Our family tapestry is an interweaving of people from all over the world. We can’t wait for our beautiful African children to add to its beauty!

2 thoughts on “Our Family Tapestry”

  1. Here we are at marker number 1. Prayer for the day:

    Father of Good Fathers, You have blessed us to be a blessing. Good days, challenging days, let them all be with You in the mix.


    An Adoptive Family


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