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Brain Building: “Good Day, Sunshine” Series

This is the 5th activity for a new blog series, Good Day, Sunshine. These 10 activities, posted on Thursdays, will include fun learning to be enjoyed outdoors.

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Try this activity for both brain AND body building!

Materials Needed

You probably have a dry erase marker and some large Legos or other connecting building blocks around the house. If not, The Dollar Tree has these!



2017-04-06 13.35.23
Write with the dry erase marker on the blocks. See the list below for ideas.

Here are some ideas:

  1. Addends and Sums- Include two addends and a sum, each on their own block. The child will build a tower with the sum either on the top or bottom. Once they find the correct sum, the child does that many push-ups, mountain climbers, jumps over the sprinkler, or other exercise.
  2. Yard Words- Make a list of words in the yard either on note cards or on one sheet. For example: playground, grass, mower, stairs, deck, door, window, slide, playground, car, garage, hose, broom, pool, table, sprinkler, swing. One child chooses a word and puts each letter of that word on its own block. The other child can either try to guess the word and build it or hear their partner say the word and build it. Once they build the word correctly, they run to that thing in the yard and do 20 jumping jacks (or other exercise).

Let’s Build!

2017-04-06 14.02.25
For this addend building game, Levi stacked two addends and the sum on top.
2017-04-06 13.36.22
He got them all right! He is the Jump Rope for Heart champ, so he enjoys jump-roping his sums.
2017-04-06 13.37.06
Sophia enjoyed putting together a yard vocabulary word. Can you guess what it could be?
2017-04-06 13.40.30
Playground! One activity she could do is run to the playground and do 20 jumping jacks.

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