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Rainy Day Reading Fort: “Good Day, Sunshine” Series

This is the 4th activity for a new blog series, Good Day, Sunshine. These 10 activities, posted on Thursdays, will include fun learning to be enjoyed outdoors. (Although we will also include a few rainy day activities, like today!)

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Rain clouds? Bring ’em on! I’ve got you covered with this indoor activity.

2017-04-06 11.06.34

Materials Needed

Swing by The Dollar Tree for these materials if you don’t have them yet: index cards, flashlight, batteries. Swing by your bookshelf (or my bookstore!) for a good read.



2017-04-06 13.19.59
Write some things for your child to “spy” while reading their book and tape them under a table.

Here are some ideas:

1. Fiction Elements– Flash the light on fiction elements when you spot them in the book.

2017-04-06 11.58.52

2. Non-Fiction Text Features– Flash the light on text features when you spot them.

2017-04-06 11.59.03

3. Spelling Words-Spy a spelling word? Flash the light on the word when you see it.

2017-04-06 11.59.21

4. Reading Strategies– Flash the light on the strategy you use while reading.

2017-04-06 11.58.45

5. Bible Words– Flash the light on the words as you read them in your Bible.

2017-04-06 12.00.16


2017-04-06 13.19.03
Build a fort and put some comfy pillows underneath.

Time to Chillax!

2017-04-06 14.10.38
Read while snuggled in your fort.
2017-04-06 14.10.29
Shine the light on the word when you spy it! Sophia identified the protagonist in The Bike I Like.

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