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Frozen Grape-a-licious Cup Game: “Good Day, Sunshine” Series

This is the first activity for a new blog series, Good Day, Sunshine. These 10 activities, posted on Thursdays, will include fun learning to be enjoyed outdoors.┬áSeveral of the activities use materials from The Dollar Tree because...can we just say it? That place has amazing stuff! Fun. Learning. A healthy, cold snack. Let's get this… Continue reading Frozen Grape-a-licious Cup Game: “Good Day, Sunshine” Series

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Don’t Trash Your Yellow Pages!

Hi, there. Let me introduce you to GOLD. Okay, so it's yellow, but still. This is gold for a learner. Yesterday I noticed this lil' guy on my porch. I kind of rolled my eyes. "Ugh! Just more for the recycling bin. Nobody uses these. Hello! We have the internet." I threw it in, went… Continue reading Don’t Trash Your Yellow Pages!