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Frozen Grape-a-licious Cup Game: “Good Day, Sunshine” Series

This is the first activity for a new blog series, Good Day, Sunshine. These 10 activities, posted on Thursdays, will include fun learning to be enjoyed outdoors. Several of the activities use materials from The Dollar Tree because...can we just say it? That place has amazing stuff! Fun. Learning. A healthy, cold snack. Let's get this… Continue reading Frozen Grape-a-licious Cup Game: “Good Day, Sunshine” Series

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Don’t Trash Your Yellow Pages!

Hi, there. Let me introduce you to GOLD. Okay, so it's yellow, but still. This is gold for a learner. Yesterday I noticed this lil' guy on my porch. I kind of rolled my eyes. "Ugh! Just more for the recycling bin. Nobody uses these. Hello! We have the internet." I threw it in, went… Continue reading Don’t Trash Your Yellow Pages!