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Water Art: “Good Day, Sunshine” Series

This is the 3rd activity for a new blog series, Good Day, Sunshine. These 10 activities, posted on Thursdays, will include fun learning to be enjoyed outdoors. (Although we will also include a few rainy day activities.)

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Materials Needed

Easy. A paint brush and a cup of water. You probably have a paint brush already, but if you are looking for a deal, we found ours at The Dollar Tree.

Time to Play!


2017-04-11 15.19.45
Dip your paintbrush in the water.


Find something your mama will let you paint on and create! This is our front porch. And my son’s sock. 😛


2017-04-11 15.20.06
Enjoy your creation and share it with someone! This one uses the splatter technique, too.

Here are some ideas for learning activities:

  1. Spelling– Call out a word, and a friend writes it with the water brush.
  2. Math– Give a friend a word problem. He/she solves it by “painting” a water picture.
  3. Storyboard-Create a storyboard, or pictures that tell your own story. Be sure to include a main character, problem, and resolution.
  4. Science– Draw things that you find in your yard.

Follow this blog to get notice of the other Good Day, Sunshine activities as they post on Thursdays.

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2017-03-19 22.22.08

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